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More PowerShell Monitoring Prompts

4 days ago | Jeff Hicks

Wow. Do you all love PowerShell prompts or what? My prompt to display up/down information was very popular. How about a few more? As I mentioned in my previous post, performance is super critical when it comes to a PowerShell prompt function. I’ve experimented with a number of different techniques and I think using a […] Check out my PowerShell Essentials page

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Book Sale! Save on my PowerShell 101 Book & The PowerShell Conference Book

4 days ago | Mike Robbins

There’s never been a better time to purchase my PowerShell 101: The No-Nonsense Beginner’s Guide to PowerShell eBook. It’s currently on sale for $4.99 using this link which automatically includes a coupon code that’s good from now until the end of the year or for the first 50 redemptions, whichever comes first. Not sure whether or not this book is for you? Download the free sample which includes the first two chapters.

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Work Pipelines: Getting More Done, In Less Time, More Efficiently

5 days ago | Adam Bertram

When you think of a pipeline, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, it’s probably oil and gas. Companies that extract these natural resources out of the ground need to transport them to refineries, production facilities and so on. A literal pipe needs to be in place to get the oil and gas […] The post Work Pipelines: Getting More Done, In Less Time, More Efficiently appeared first on Adam the Automator - DevOps, Automation, PowerShell.

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Get-Command -Syntax vs Get-Help

5 days ago | Nicholas Getchell

Wait, is Get-Help or Get-Command right? At the PowerShell Summit 2015 I witnessed Lee Holmes state that Get-Command is always the better way to look up the syntax of a cmdlet. What did he mean by that? Get-Help and Get-Command are two of the only three cmdlets you need to know. The other being Get-Member. Why do you need both Get-Command AND Get-Help? A quick glance at the output of both commands reveals that the syntax parameter for Get-Command is.

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Import-Module: This script contains malicious content and has been blocked by your antivirus software.

5 days ago | Przemyslaw Klys

I've been working today on a little project when suddenly my modules stopped working. It was weird because I have not touched anything that could cause it. A message was a bit cryptic mentioning that my PSWriteColor module is required but not available. I've decided to try and load PSWriteColor manually using Import-Module command. The post Import-Module: This script contains malicious content and has been blocked by your antivirus software.

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Book Update: PowerShell Guide to Python is 80% complete!

5 days ago | Prateek Singh

Hello!  If you are reading about this book for first time, let me give you a quick background on how it began and what is this book: PowerShell is so... The post Book Update: PowerShell Guide to Python is 80% complete! appeared first on Ridicurious.

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T-SQL Tuesday 109 – Influence Somebody Invite

5 days ago | Shane O'Neill

Brick by brick...

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This Site’s Goodbye, Again

5 days ago | Tommy Maynard

The last post was supposed to be the last one ever. Nope, this is it. That “final” post indicated that I’ll be writing at beginning in 2019. That’s still 100% true. Instead of having to read all of that post to learn the news, however, I’ve added a final, final post right here — […]

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A PowerShell Up/Down Prompt

5 days ago | Jeff Hicks

It appears many of you are taken with the possibilities of PowerShell prompt functions. In previous posts, I alluded to the fact that you could do just about anything in a prompt function. Today I have an example of what I am talking about. The challenging part of creating a prompt function that does more […] Check out my PowerShell Essentials page

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Copy Software Update Deployments From One Collection to Another

6 days ago | James Petty

Recently I found my self in a situation where I was needing to copy all the software update deployments that were deployed and re-deploy them to a new collection I had just made. I had 12 deployments so I could have just deployed them manually but I had more important things to do. So I […]

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Revised Everything PowerShell Prompt

10 days ago | Jeff Hicks

Since it is Friday and time for some more PowerShell fun, and I’ve been sharing some of my prompt functions, I thought I’d re-share my kitchen sink prompt. This PowerShell prompt function does *a lot* to things and gives you a snapshot view of your system everytime you press enter. It will work cross-platform, but […] Check out my PowerShell Essentials page

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Clean Azure AD Groups for Disabled Users

10 days ago | Mateusz Czerniawski

Root Cause Imagine you have on-premises Active Directory synced to AzureAD through ADConnect. You do not delete users during leave process. Those account are disabled cause of various reasons (Jira, I’m looking at you). Now you need to clean up any Office Online groups user belongs to, like Exchange Groups, Teams etc. How This is … Continue reading Clean Azure AD Groups for Disabled

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Using a Powershell Azure Function to Send Automated Blog Post Tweets

10 days ago | Brandon Olin

If you follow me on Twitter, you would have probably noticed that I occasionally send out tweets from random previous blog posts. I don’t want to have to remember to send these manually, and after reading how Josh King does it in his automated blog archive tweets article, I thought I’d add my spin on it. For my implementation, I’m going to use an Azure Function as well as a bit of blob storage to keep track of previous tweets.

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Tee-Object: The Most Underused Cmdlet in PowerShell

11 days ago | Adam Bertram

[crayon-5c17f138c7863086923880-i/]  is one of those PowerShell cmdlets that’s always been there but rarely used. I can count on two hands in my nearly 10 years of PowerShell development work that I’ve needed or even thought to use this cmdlet but when I do, it works great! Using Tee-Object with a File What does [crayon-5c17f138c786b853947639-i/]  do […] The post Tee-Object: The Most Underused Cmdlet in PowerShell appeared first on Adam the Automator - DevOps, Automation, PowerShell.

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Your Christmas PowerShell Prompt

11 days ago | Jeff Hicks

Continuing my fun with PowerShell prompts and because we are in the Christmas season. I’m bringing back my Christmas countdown prompt. I have updated so it should work in both the traditional console and PowerShell ISE. The prompt displays a randomly colorized countdown message with some random decorations. You can find the updated code as […] Check out my PowerShell Essentials page https://jdhitsolutions.

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Use PowerShell to Install a DHCP Server on a Windows Server 2019 (Server Core) Active Directory Domain Controller

11 days ago | Mike Robbins

You need to have an Active Directory domain in place. I’m picking up where I left off in my previous blog article “Use PowerShell to Create a New Active Directory Forest on Windows 2019 Server Core Installation (no-GUI)“. The procedure shown in this blog article is for demonstration purposes only. Install the DHCP server feature. Add the DHCP scope to the server. Options can either be set at the scope level.

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Working with AWS credentials using PowerShell

11 days ago | Graham Beer

If you want to automate tasks in AWS with PowerShell, then you’ll need a safe way to store your credentials. To have programmatic access, AWS provides you with an access key and a secret key. I’ll explore how you can keep them secure on your system and how to call them when you come to work with AWS. Before continuing, note that I’ll be using the PowerShell core module in this article. The details can be found in the PowerShell Gallery.

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This Site’s Goodbye

12 days ago | Tommy Maynard

Today is a day like no other for me, and for As best I can tell, this will be the last blog post written for this website. I’ve known it was coming, and still it’s tough to write this. The content will remain for now, but my time here, will not. I started this […]

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PowerShell Summit 2019 Prelude

13 days ago | Glenn Sarti

The PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit 2019 will be on from April 29 and May 2, 2019, and I’ll be there (Wohoo!) and I’ll be speaking at two sessions: Beyond Pester 102: Acceptance testing with PowerShell Talk Abstract You’ve heard about unit and integration testing with Pester and PowerShell. Now it’s time to turn to the harder topic of Acceptance Testing. What is it?, Why and when should I use it? and what tools can I use? Previously in “Beyond Pester 101: Applying testing principles to PowerShell” I talked about unit and integration testing with Pester and PowerShell.

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Getting Details from a Maintenance Plan using PowerShell

13 days ago | Shane O'Neill

You must know your enemy before you can replace your enemy...

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Visualizing Historical data of Top CryptoCurrency with PowerShell

13 days ago | Prateek Singh

Top CryptoCurrency with PowerShell I have seen lot of people and fellow PowerShell bloggers and community contributors interest in CryptoCurrency with PowerShell console in recent months and I’m thinking add... The post Visualizing Historical data of Top CryptoCurrency with PowerShell appeared first on Ridicurious.

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Getting SQL Services, Starting, Stopping and Restarting them with dbatools

14 days ago | Rob Sewell

There was a question in the #dbatools slack channel  Getting dbatools dbatools enables you to administer SQL Server with PowerShell. To get it simply open PowerShell run [crayon-5c17f4ac1616e139845477/] You can find more details on the web-site Finding the Command To find a command you can use the dbatools command Find-DbaCommand For commands for service run […]

Embaralhando arrays no Powershell

14 days ago | Guido Oliveira

Olá Pessoal, Hoje vamos ver como embaralhar arrays, que pode ter diversas aplicações, como por exemplo gerar uma senha com um grupo aleatório de caracteres. Uma array é uma estrutura de dados que armazena uma coleção de elementos de tal forma que cada um dos elementos possa ser identificado por, pelo menos, um índice ou uma chave. Suponha que temos ... Read More O post Embaralhando arrays no Powershell apareceu primeiro em Guido Oliveira.

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SQL Server Availability Group FailoverDetection Utility PowerShell Function Improvements – Named Instances, Archiving Data, Speed

16 days ago | Rob Sewell

In my last post I wrote about a new function for gathering the data and running the FailoverDetection utility by the Tiger Team to analyse availability group failovers. I have updated it following some comments and using it for a day. Don’t forget the named instances Rob! Michael Karpenko wrote a comment pointing out that […]

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Friday Fun with Timely PowerShell Prompts

17 days ago | Jeff Hicks

If PowerShell is a part of your daily routine, you most likely have a console window open all day. In addition to using PowerShell to get stuff done, you can use PowerShell to keep you on track. I’ve written before and talked about how I use PowerShell to manage my day. You may not need […] Check out my PowerShell Essentials page

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Use PowerShell to Create a New Active Directory Forest on Windows 2019 Server Core Installation (no-GUI)

18 days ago | Mike Robbins

You have a fresh installation of Windows Server 2019 that was installed using the default installation type of server core installation (no-GUI). This server will be the first domain controller in a brand new Active Directory forest. You’ve completed the following configuration prior to attempting to turn this server into a domain controller: Install all the available Windows Updates Set the time zone Set the computer name Set a static IP address Log into the server and launch PowerShell by typing “powershell.

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AWS re:Invent – AWS Tools for PowerShell

18 days ago | Tommy Maynard

Earlier this week at the AWS re:Invent conference, I was able to sit alongside another PowerShell enthusiast in a workshop-based PowerShell session. That’s a laptop-open-work-through-a-scenario-with-your-table type of session. Today’s a little different. Because of a session I took yesterday (on Lambda and Step Functions), I know a little about today’s format. If all goes well […]

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Gathering all the Logs and Running the Availability Group Failover Detection Utility with PowerShell

19 days ago | Rob Sewell

30/11/2018 – Function has been updated to deal with named instances. Last week the Tiger Team released their Availability Group Failover Detection Utility which will provide root cause analysis on Cluster Logs, SQL Error Logs, and the Availability groups extended events logs. There is a blog post here and the tool can be downloaded from […]

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RTPSUG Usergroup Meeting - PSGraph: Creating Dynamic Graphs and Diagrams on the fly!

19 days ago | Mike Kanakos

Kevin Marquette will be showcasing how you can use his toolkit for building and presenting graph data on demand using nothing more than PowerShell!

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PowerShell and Group Policy Object

19 days ago | Jerome Bezet-Torres

1. Cmdlets 2. WebSite 3. Create the parameter Today we are working with Powershell and `Group Policy Objects{} to create from end to end a GPO in a ADDS Domain. 1. Cmdlets what Powershell cmdlets do we need to manage GPO. Whe you use New-GPO, you create an empty Group...

Using Credentials In Production Scripts

20 days ago | Paul DeArment

Sometimes you have to save credentials when running a scheduled task. There are ways to save the credentials in the windows credentials manager, but sometimes you need to store them as a file. In this post I go over how I go over how I store credentials securely in a file. While there are some limitations and things to remember, this is useful for working with scheduled tasks.

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20 days ago | Mateusz Czerniawski

A quicky Hyper-V clustered hosts. Storage of some VMs migrated from one host to another. On rare occasions migration failed. Reason is now irrelevant. But after this – there are some empty folders left on Clustered Shared Volumes: \\SomeHVHost\c$. ├───Planned Virtual Machines ├───Snapshots ├───Virtual Hard Disks └───Virtual Machines There are also other situation where there … Continue

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Learning PowerShell by Reinventing the Wheel

21 days ago | Dan Franciscus

Back in 2011 when I started learning how to code in PowerShell, my initial thought to writing a script was to Google search something like “Create AD users from a CSV file” and then grab a script from somewhere and modify it for my environment. I don’t have anything against this actually once you have+ Read More The post Learning PowerShell by Reinventing the Wheel appeared first on WinSysBlog.

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Getting the SQL Version from a backup using dbatools ………. on PowerShell Core

21 days ago | Rob Sewell

Following an upgrade to SQL Server the backup share had a number of backups, some from the old version and some from the newer version. I was asked if I had a script to be able to get the SQL Version from the backup file from all of the files in the backup share. With […]

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AWS re:Invent (and PowerShell, of Course)

21 days ago | Tommy Maynard

It’s 11:30 p.m. where I’m from, so just perhaps that’s why I’m showered, in my hotel room, and ready to study for an AWS certification I’ll be taking in a couple of days. It’s 10:30 p.m. here in Las Vegas. Or maybe, while there’s a bunch of people set to do some sort of chicken […]

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Custom Hydration Wizard WPF 1.4 Release

21 days ago | Jerome Bezet-Torres

1. Design Change 2. Summary Part 3. How to download my Application 4. Update 1809 ADK Problem I have update my Custom Wizard HydrationKit, I add another part Summary and i add some icons int Tabitem Header. 1. Design Change I my TabItem I add some icon from Mahapps Icon....

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Read-Host: A Great Way to Get Input to your PowerShell Scripts

22 days ago | Adam Bertram

Using the Read-Host PowerShell cmdlet, you can interactively prompt for input from the script user. Let’s see some real-world applications on how we can use the Read-Host PowerShell cmdlet. Prompting for Input with Read-Host The Read-Host cmdlet performs two functions in a PowerShell script; it pauses execution and receives input. That’s it. Read-Host is a simple cmdlet but one […] The post Read-Host: A Great Way to Get Input to your PowerShell Scripts appeared first on Adam the Automator - DevOps, Automation, PowerShell.

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Outlook – The primary account cannot be removed unless it is the only account in the profile

23 days ago | Przemyslaw Klys

Last few months I'm responsible for the migration of Office 365 to Office 365. While doing so, we came into a situation where users have their old mailbox as Primary Account and new Mailbox as their secondary account. This is a quite common scenario that people are running into and something that is expected. Usually, my recommendation is: Please create a new profile for user and topic is closed. It's also quite easy to achieve this in an automated way where you delete all profiles and Outlook just goes with autodiscovery adding new account as required.

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Learning C# methods in PowerShell don’t like -1

24 days ago | Shane O'Neill

Trying to be smart getting me learned!

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Posh-SYSLOG version 4 is now available

25 days ago | Kieran Jacobsen

The Posh-SYSLOG PowerShell module continues to surprise me. I originally developed the module in early 2012, making it available on GitHub in 2013. Since then I've continued to maintain the module, even though I don’t directly use the module. Early this year, usage of the module skyrocketed. Growing from a few hundred downloads a year to an average of 10 thousand downloads each month. I don’t know what’s driven this growth, but it's been incredible.

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Create Windows Machine Builds With Packer

26 days ago | Dan Franciscus

While it supports Windows and Linux, creating an OS image is vastly different between the two. In this article, I will focus on how Packer is used for Windows OS image creation. As I wrote in a previous article, Packer is a Hashicorp, open-sourced operating system image build tool. The specialty of Packer is the ability+ Read More The post Create Windows Machine Builds With Packer appeared first on WinSysBlog.

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Get Mobile Device Policy Change PowerShell

26 days ago | Emmanuel Demilliere

Get Mobile Device Policy Change PowerShell Hello, Today we’ll how to measure the impact of a mobile policy change in your organization. For example, let’s say that your organization wants to harden the mobile device requirements for mailbox access and you want to see a few days later how many mobile devices stop syncing.If you have Exchange or Office 365 with Exchange Online, we can use PowerShell to retrieve this kind of information.

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Create and view EC2 security groups with PowerShell

26 days ago | Graham Beer

For those of you who are new or unfamiliar with security groups in Amazon Web Services (AWS), they are a virtual firewall for your Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance to control inbound and outbound traffic. I will be looking at how we can create and view our security groups with PowerShell using the AWSPowerShell.NetCore module. Before delving into creating security groups with PowerShell, it is worth noting their basics: First, you are creating AWS security groups on the EC2 instance itself and not at the subnet level.

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Messing Around With PowerShell 6

26 days ago | Thomas Rayner

Starting with PowerShell 6, the whole language is open source. You’ve probably heard about that already. But if you don’t think of yourself as a “developer”, then it’s possible that the most you’ve ever taken advantage of that fact is creating a GitHub issue or commenting on a PR. Today, follow along with me, and we’ll change that. If you’re at all comfortable writing PowerShell, you’ll be able to pick up C# with relative convenience.

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More Fun with PowerShell Thrillers

27 days ago | Jeff Hicks

Last week I posted a Friday Fun article about using PowerShell to create a synopsis for a hypothetical thriller novel. Naturally I wasn’t satisfied to leave it at that. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good start. But I needed to take the next logical step. I had a script, but that meant having […] Check out my PowerShell Essentials page

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Get SSL Labs Test Result PowerShell

28 days ago | Emmanuel Demilliere

Get SSL Labs Test Result PowerShell Hello, Today we’ll see how we can use PowerShell and the Web API of SSL Labs to analyze a site or several sites, and then retrieve the result in a nice formatted PowerShell object. You can use the SSL Lab test from a any web browser at Get SSL Labs Test Result PowerShell – Web Browser First, type the hostname of the website you want to test, then, click submit.

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10 ways anyone can easily contribute to the PowerShell community

28 days ago | Mike Kanakos

Here are 10 ways that ANYONE can start contributing to the PowerShell community immediately.

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PowerShell – Working with Format-Table in Verbose, Debug, Output Streams

28 days ago | Przemyslaw Klys

As you may know, PowerShell has multiple streams. Write-Output, Write-Error, Write-Warning, Write-Verbose, Write-Debug, and Write-Information. It also has Write-Host which until PowerShell 5 was a bit special. Since PowerShell 5.1 it's a wrapper over Write-Information, so it doesn't kill puppies anymore. While I could spend the next five pages trying to give my best and describe those streams, there are already many articles describing them in detail.

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The PowerShell Conference Book, Printed

29 days ago | Tommy Maynard

If somehow you haven’t heard, The PowerShell Conference Book, has been published! Like, printed published. That’s right. If you’d prefer a physical copy of the 30+ author PowerShell collaboration — a first volume, as I understand there may be more — then you can purchase it in that format today. Head over to Amazon, if […]

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Friday Fun: PowerShell Thriller Revisited

one month ago | Jeff Hicks

A number of years ago I shared a fun PowerShell script that generated a description of a new thriller you might find in the action thriller section of your local book store. I modeled it after the works of authors like Vince Flynn, Ben Coes and James Rollins. I’m a big fan and of these […] Check out my PowerShell Essentials page